June 27th, 2006

2015 — inkjet print, dyptic 50x35 cm

June 27th, 2006: Andrea Pessotto jumps 15 meters from a window, in via Galileo Ferraris in the city of Turin. The building is the Juventus club’s headquarters where Andrea (a former football player) works as a manager. He survived because he landed on parked cars, and, after a long hospitalization due to multiple fractures and internal bleeding, he slowly recovered. I made a few shots of the building: the point of view is from the street, in the place where many curious people gathered about ten years before, with their noses up to the sky, searching for a roof where to set their imagination of the attempted suicide. This work is intended to reflect on the stereotypes we build around the idea of suicide, and also about the distorted and simplfied perception we have of public personalities, who are usually seen more like characters than like the normal people they really are, with their weaknesses and diffcult moments just like any of us.